How Data Center Cooling Works


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Everything that takes place on the internet is supported by massive physical data centers. This video will delve into how these centers handle all of this work through data center cooling.

More people have access to the internet, and it grows every day. Similarly, the services provided through the internet are increasing and getting more and more complex. The volume that’s being handled requires large data centers located in enormous warehouses in remote locations with a lot of space.

Cooling these data centers requires a large amount of energy and infrastructure. Many are powered by air conditioning which uses a lot of electrical energy. New data centers are being built with innovative methods of cooling.

For example, Facebook just built a new data center in Northern Sweden and uses the naturally cool environment, along with induction fans, to cool their serves. These fans still require electricity, but it’s much more efficient than traditional air conditioning.

Other companies are trying even more inventive solutions. Microsoft ran a successful trial run of putting a server in a water-tight container at the bottom of the ocean floor. The container utilized heat exchangers and the cool ocean water to cool their servers.

To learn more about the new data center cooling methods, click on the video in the link above.

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