Understanding The Basics On NEMA Configurations


NEMA is an abbreviation of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Before using a NEMA 5 15 plug or related NEMA plugs or NEMA power cords, you must understand its configurations. This is very important to determine which NEMA power cords will work well on your project, whether NEMA 5 15 pugs or NEMA 14 30. You need to know where the plug needs to go into what kind of outlet. You just do not pick up any NEMA power plug, hoping that it will fulfill the purpose at hand in the best way possible. You will need to have a guide on the configuration of that plug before choosing where to use it.

One of the best ways to understand the configurations is using the NEMA configuration chart. It is endorsed with in-depth information and photos of various NEMA male plugs and female connectors. With the help of the chart, you will understand which NEMA plug suits the job you have at hand. It is up to you to ensure you study that chart carefully so that you comprehend it at a comprehensive level. One of the most popular ones is the NEMA household outlet used in homes. You can use the NEMA 5 15 male plugs in both NEMA 5 15R outlet and NEMA 5 20 R outlet. The NEMA 5 20 male plugs can only be used in the NEMA 5 20R outlet.

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