Common Repairs That An Overhead Crane Repair Company Has To Fix


Cranes do the heavy lifting in factories and construction sites. A faulty crane is not only a loss to the company, but also poses immense danger to the workers. In this video, you will learn the common issues to watch out for in overhead cranes and how to mitigate them.

Damaged Rope

Damaged wire rope is pretty common when dealing with overhead cranes. Unlike other problems that may require expert inspection, the damaged rope is easy to spot.

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If the wires are frayed, twisted or broken, thinned or corroded, this should be a cause of concern.

Crane Alignment

A misaligned overhead crane is likely to produce an unusual noise. Loud thumping, crashing, or grinding sounds indicate a possible problem. The solution here is to invite an external overhead crane repair company for an independent inspection.

Wearing of End Truck Wheels

It is expected that your wheels will wear out eventually. While this is normal, premature wear is not. If your wheels, bearings, or flanges are wearing abnormally fast, bring in an inspection company to examine them.

Electrical Problems

Indicators of issues with the electrical system include malfunctioning conductors, radio control issues, blown fuses, and so on. A qualified technician should be able to pinpoint the problem and carry out the necessary repairs.

Damaged Hooks

Hooks hold the load in position and a single malfunction can have fatal results. Look out for hooks with cracks, bends, stretches, and so on.

All in all, let a reputable overhead crane repair company carry out the maintenance of your cranes so you can guarantee your workers a safe working space. We can assist you.


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