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When faced with the task of finding the most qualified individual for an open position within your company, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, that’s a big responsibility to handle. Luckily, executive search firms exist. An executive recruiter invests their time and efforts in helping clients find, attract, and hire highly qualified individuals to fill open positions.

But how do you know which executive search firm is right for your organization?

To help get you familiar with the process of finding good executive recruiting services, let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider when looking for an executive recruiter.

First, you should

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Text analytics

We create an incredible amount of data every day on a purely social level, with the rise of social media. Indeed, Facebook alone has almost two billion monthly active users all around the world, who create tons of data per second. If you add all the data that businesses, organizations, and government agencies also generate, the flow of information seems almost overwhelming. Yet businesses and agencies use this data on a regular basis to carry out a number of tasks. From keeping us safe to selling us products, big data analysis with the help of entity matching software, text analytics in social media, and Read more ...

Geotagging software

We’re swimming in a sea of data. Just like an ocean, it takes a strong net to catch the most fish.

One of the fastest ways for a business to lose customers is to miss out on the information necessary to keep them around. Where could your yearly figures be if you had narrowed down a growing customer preference? How much time could you have saved if you had learned about a threatening development beforehand? Entity analysis is the digital way of reaching through the proverbial waters and snatching exactly what you need, getting rid of the noise in favor of information that is applicable to your goals. How do entity extraction tools work?

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

The Internet is massive. Just how massive is it? It’s thought nearly two MB of new information

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