How a Solar Screen Is Assembled


Watch this video to learn how a solar screen is assembled. Solar screens can be a great way to combat the sun’s scorching heat while maintaining a perfect view of the outside.
To begin the installation process, the technician measures the size of the window to fit the solar screen and assembles the frame using the four corners provided.

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Once fully assembled, he confirms that the frame perfectly fits the window.
Then, the technician lays the frame down, holds it in place, and puts the solar screen above the frame. This is done to ensure the correct size and that the screen only overlaps the channel by ½ “.
The screen is then rolled into the spline channel, beginning from the middle of one side, finishing that side, and proceeding to the other. The spline is pushed into the corner and securely put into the channel using a screwdriver and a roller. After, the excess part is trimmed using a sharp knife.
Once completed, the solar screen is attached to the window frame using double-sided tapes or other adhesives. Any excess material around the edges of the window is trimmed.

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