The Best Market to Sell Your IT Hardware


The video starts with David Merritt from Headset Advisor saying that he will be talking about how to sell your IT hardware. He mentioned that most people and offices end up with a pile of computers after upgrading their devices. Most of the time, the equipment is in working condition or just needs minimal repairs.

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The best thing to do is sell the equipment. You can find a company that’s interested in buying the type of equipment you have by going to Amazon and typing in the model of the computer(s) you have. You will see a listing of people selling renewed versions of the equipment.
Reach out to the company selling them to find out if they’re still looking to buy more equipment. You can also decide to sell directly on a marketplace such as eBay. The downside to this alternative is it involves more risk and is way more labor-intensive.
For equipment such as phones and headset equipment, you can get cash for them from Headset Advisor. They’ll send you a box with a prepaid shipping label. You can get up to 60$ for some equipment.

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