Gaming Room Colour Ideas to Level Up Your Setup


Statista reports that video gaming reached absolute heights in terms of user engagement and spending during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaming enthusiast; are you thinking of sprucing up your old gaming room or designing a new one? Here are gaming room colour ideas that’ll give you more convenience and make your gaming experience much more fun.

Blocking Outside Light

The first gaming room colour ideas enhancement step is to block the outside light from interfering with your monitor. If you’re a starter, darkness suits the gaming habit. You don’t want to experience sudden flashes or dazzling light while concentrating on your game. As such, the lighting in your room should be low-level and consistent.

Sunlight from the outside tampers with the room’s colour since sun positions and brightness change. The first approach to solving this issue is a fresh roller shades install. They are window shades made of flat material and some mechanisms to roll them up and down. Normally, roller shades are made of PVC-coated polyester, PVC-coated fiberglass, or PVC-free.

Polyester is heavier and thicker to withstand impacts and block outside light from entering the room. You can replace your current drapes with blackout curtains other than the roller shades. Tightly woven material from the blackout curtain restrains light from the room and protects you from temperature fluctuations.

Another method to enhance better light and colour in your gaming room is to add thermally insulated blackout curtain liners to the drapes. This will work best if the existing drapes are not worn out. Thermal insulation also adds some aesthetics to the room.

Alternatively, you can apply tint film to your window for light-blocking power. Tinting is the best and most effective method because you have a wide range of options. Tints come with different light-blocking capabilities, so you can choose any percentage depending on your needs.

Powering Your Setup

The electrical supply is the most common challenge that tampers with the gaming experience. The power supply is the main aspect of the gaming room if you want to enhance your brilliant gaming room colour ideas. A game room has many electrical devices, which overload and cause a fire.

Before venturing into the gaming world, hire an electrical contractor to install the electrical wiring to your gaming room. Consider investing in more sockets and power outlets in the room. Several electric outlets will help you avoid messy extensions which can ruin your gaming setup. With the help of an electrician, you will design the room depending on the number of electrical devices you have.

When installing the light switches, have a set of lights with a specific switch. That is; each gaming desk should have a switch and a different set of lighting because gamers have different lighting preferences. Finally have the internet router on the central upper space with a specific power supply to ensure all the computers have internet access.

Lighting the Space

After blocking the excessive light from the outside, the gaming room colour ideas you’d like will be enhanced by brilliantly lighting the space. Ideally, add spotlights or wall lights that point towards the gaming setup. However, invest in dimmable bulbs and other lighting fixtures because you don’t need excessive light in the room.

Don’t forget the lighting trims to your desk during light installation to enhance the gameplay. LED strip lighting will be an ideal suit for your gaming room. Generally, LED lightings are adjustable; therefore, you can change the room colours depending on your game.

You can modify the existing bulbs to get the experience you need in the gaming room. Measure the paper size that can easily wrap the existing bulbs. Secondly, colour the papers with markers depending on your desired light colours. Finally, tape the papers around the bulbs and test them by switching them on.

One challenge with taping the bulbs is overheating due to limited air circulation. If the LED chip constantly overheats, it will have a shorter lifespan. But if you have some bulbs to interchange after hours, you’ll enjoy good lighting in the room.

Painting Your Gamer Lair

When creating a game room, the colour schemes impact the whole design. As such, gaming room colour ideas should match the room’s tone, the mood, and the whole atmosphere. The most popular game colour can be a perfect match for you. But not everything is worth taking, so here are a few factors to consider:

  • Colour psychology – colour impacts emotions and behavior in different ways. So, understand your gaming community and the colours they prefer
  • Personal taste – personal style and interests are your first consideration when setting up your personal gaming space. Choose colours that make you feel good and refreshed
  • Natural light – if you have a brighter environment, you don’t have to paint very bright colours on the lair. You need some dull colours to help balance the outside light
  • Space function – your game room will have specific functions depending on what you choose to play. You can choose to play video games, pool, or card games. Make sure the paint reflects the purpose of the space. If your room is multipurpose, consider everyone’s interest
  • Elements in the room – paint the room depending on the elements you prefer most in the room. If it’s the desks or specific furniture like the seat, prioritize their colours to make a perfect match

Picking colour schemes requires a process of thinking and experimentation. Take into consideration all the factors above before getting into the decision-making process. Afterward, hire a local painting contractor to help you decide and bring your gaming dream into reality. Here are the best game lair paint ideas many enthusiasts have shared:

  • Black and white – black provides a sense of elegance and drama, while white makes the space feel airy and open. Additionally, this combination creates a timeless and sophisticated look for your gaming lair
  • Black and red – these colours create a bold and masculine atmosphere in the gaming room. Red is a very powerful and energizing color to create the excitement you need in the room
  • Yellow and blue – a cheerful and upbeat atmosphere is what you will experience with these colours. Yellow is associated with joy, while blue represents tranquility and calmness
  • Brown and green – this combination creates a warm and cozy game room. Green is associated with growth and renewal, while brown represents stability
  • Blue and orange – this combination creates a dynamic and lively experience in the room. Orange adds energy and enthusiasm to the gaming room

Furnishing the Space

Other than the gaming room colour ideas, a gaming room calls for maximum comfort. You can choose a swiveling gaming chair, domed chair, or massive couch where your friends and family can sit. However, ensure the gaming desk is in a good position with no distractions.

Note that you will play long gaming sessions, so you don’t want to cramp up your neck and back sitting in an uncomfortable position. If you love pool table games, position the game room couch or a bench against the wall or near the corner. Let the table sit at the central part. Game room seats must withstand wear and tear because you spend most of the time sitting.

When it comes to sourcing for the seats, go for leather. Otherwise, choose wooden chairs, although they can be uncomfortable for extended periods of use. Around the gaming desk, install some shelves. Buy ready-made shelves from nearby furniture stores.

The shelves will help you free up the space and add some aesthetics to the room. Ideally, set the gaming desk facing the wall to avoid distractions as people walk around the room. And finally, don’t forget to match the furniture with the gaming room colour ideas to make the room appealing.

Mounting TVs & Monitors

Gaming TV mounting installation can be a game changer in your gaming experience. So, if you want to upgrade your gaming system, mount your gaming TV rather than purchasing extra desks. This will save you space in the room.

If you already have a monitor on the gaming desk, mount the TV above the monitor to improve the experience. This is recommendable if you have no problem operating two screens with different resolutions. But you must have a professional to help you align the screens properly for better performance.

Before delving into your specific setup, it’s essential to first understand the different types of mounts in the market. Choosing the right mount will give you a better experience. There are 4 mount types you can choose depending on the dimensions of your gaming room.

The first mount is the fixed type which is basic and suitable for keeping your TV flat against the wall without adjustability. Although they don’t offer enough versatility for users, they can save you money if you’re on a budget. These mounts are ideal if you set up a personal gaming space in your house.

The second mounts are the tilting types which allow tilting of the TV up and down. These mounts are ideal for minimizing glare and also for different sitting heights. These mounts change the TV angle but not its position. So, your TV will remain safely mounted on the wall.

Full-motion TV mounts are the third type, and they offer maximum flexibility. Surprisingly, they allow swiveling, tilting, and pulling the TV away from the wall depending on your sitting position and distance from the wall. These mounts are ideal for gaming rooms with multiple viewing points.

Finally, you can have the ceiling mounts. You suspend the TV from the ceiling, creating a unique viewing experience. Although these mounts are less common, they conserve wall space. This creates a perfect wall space for lights and paints if you dream of appealing gaming room colour ideas.

Gaming Through Emergencies

Power outage is the main cause of gaming interruptions among gaming enthusiasts. As such, Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) is something you must invest in, or else you’ll regret it after a blackout. A blackout will cause you to lose your game progress because you’ll have no time to hit the save button.

The worst is a surge that kills your components. A backup generator will help you play the game in power-related emergencies. Also, if you’re a high-end gaming PC, keeping your system updated is a great idea. It will save your system from hanging up when on long game sessions.

Caring for the Long-Seated Gamer

After a long period of sitting, you can experience some joint and back pains even with the most comfortable seats. As such, schedule some exercise time like running or jogging around to refresh the body. If you have a gym room in your home, it will help you reset your body.

However, if you spend more hours in the game every week, consider going for a chiropractic adjustment. It’s a procedure in which trained specialists apply controlled sudden force to the spinal joints. The specialists can use their hands or small instruments to soothe the spinal area. This procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, can greatly improve spinal motion.

Finishing Basement PC Rooms

Setting your gaming room in the basement is a great idea because basements are cool and have fewer distractions. But you must design the area for gaming purposes. That said, you can choose various basement finishing ideas depending on the basement’s size and dimensions.

Dark wood floors and brown basements are trendy ideas you’ll love. On the other hand, you can choose a large modern basement design with a pool table at the central part and the video gaming desk facing the walls. In most designs, you’ll learn that basement furniture with brown colours makes an appealing look.

Safely Moving the Setup

The gaming setup moving process can be complicated. Moving this setup and redesigning it can be a straining job. So, you need to hire a long distance mover because they come with sturdy boxes to store the equipment. Additionally, they take a look at the design and set up the systems for you in a new location.

Designing gaming room colours is a process that requires a lot of thinking and experimenting with different colour schemes. However, with the gaming room colour ideas ranging from wall paint to lighting, you can create a perfect setup. You may also hire a professional designer to help you come up with your dream gaming setup.

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