What Layer 3 of the OSI Model Is


The Open Systems Interconnection model of telecommunication includes 7 layers of protocols. One of these layers, the L3 network layer, is responsible for transferring packets of information between nodes. This network layer is essential for communication between technological devices across the internet via the internet protocol (IP).

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It manages the delivery of data.

If you ever have issues with connecting to the internet, loading web pages completely, or communicating smoothly via video chat, you likely have L3 network problems. Sometimes, you will need to reach out to your internet service provider or an IT professional specializing in L3 networking problems to restore your connection to optimum operation.

The video on this page is a great introduction to working with the OSI model layer 3. The host shows how to see information about your IP address and connection to the internet. He also shows the ways the protocols used by the L3 network keep separate devices connected and functional.

Watch the video or reach out to an IT specialist to learn more about the OSI model and the way your computer connects to the internet or other devices. They can teach you about connection options you may not be aware of.

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