Cargo Mats for Jeep Grand Cherokee


In this video, you will learn about trunk mats for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Use a sharp knife to open the box that the trunk mat came in. It is wrapped in plastic. It has a honeycomb pattern on the bottom of it, and holes to hold it in place.

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It is not super heavy, so you don’t have to worry about it adding any extra weight to your car. It is curved and has a nice pattern to give you some traction. There are cutouts along with it for hooks, if you would want to attach it better. The hooks come separately. He isn’t sure of the best way to align it. It has been rolled up for a while, so it isn’t lying completely flat. It has a little curl to it, but most likely just needs weight to flatten it out. It seems durable, and it is rather quick. You can take it out of your car, and wash it off. Overall- he thinks it is good. He hasn’t tested it with water or anything, but it feels like the mats he has in his car right now. It is between $50 and $60 online.

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