What an Executive Search Firm May Do


A company’s single biggest asset may be not its office supplies or its private jets or a good marketing campaign, but the employees, the people who work there. The human element is very much a major factor for any modern business, and many trends support this claim. This means not only knowing how to find and hire the right people for the job, but also knowing how to treat existing employees and lowering employee turnover rates. Managers are acutely aware that high turnover rates are expensive and a hassle to deal with, and HR staff members and managers alike are looking for ways to boost employee retention rates. This can save money and time alike, and a career placement agency can help. In particular, a manager may turn to a professional job placement agency known as an executive search consultant service for help, and this type of professional job placement agency can do a lot of good. HR executive recruiters are another type of professional job placement agency, and they can help any business client find an effective new manager for their HR department. How can a professional job placement agency get the job done?

Finding New Managers

A number of employment agencies exist across the United States, but in particular, one may consider executive search firms. Sometimes known as “headhunters,” these firms specialize in finding candidates for high-level, executive positions within potential employers. These companies are not looking for temps fresh out of college; they are looking for the finest candidates for upper management positions. How does this work? Like other such agencies, an executive search firm will collect a pool of candidate profiles, and these profiles will have essential data on each candidate beyond their name and date of birth. These candidates’ previous work experience, skills and qualifications, awards and recognition, and educational background will be listed, and this is all quite relevant data.

When a client company is looking for someone to fill an open manager position, not just anyone will do, and that company may not have the in-house talent to find good candidates. Rather, these companies will turn to executive search firms to draw the best possible candidates from their pool and offer them based on relevant experience, skills, and more. This can save the client company a lot of time and hassle, and once good candidates are offered, the client company can take over the process of interviewing and hiring. This can also be a real boon for the candidates themselves, who will not always find the right position for themselves right away under their own power. Candidates should be aware that, like with any other job placement agency, their personal lives may be examined as well, and this means social media activity. A candidate’s social media, activity, if any, is likely to be examined, and some material found there may make a candidate unattractive to a client company who’s looking to hire. Obscene or offensive material, or evidence of criminal activity, may harm a candidate’s chances of getting hired, and evidence of insulting or harassing an old employer or previous co-workers is also a red flag. Candidates, for their part, may want to be careful about what they share online.

At the Workplace

Even after a candidate has been hired for a high-level manager position, he or she may have some more work ahead of them. Newer managers may hire executive coaches, who are professionals tasked with bringing out the best in their clients. Put another way, these coaches are not exactly instructors, bur rather sounding boards for the client manager, and they challenge the manager to develop new leadership and business strategies while on the workplace. Managers who were recently hired, or those with disagreeable personalities, may have the most need for these coaches.

Managers can also take steps to reduce employee retention. Employees don’t just want a paycheck; they are people, and they have personal growth goals that must be nurtured at the workplace. They also thrive on approval of their work and capabilities, meaning that affirmation makes a big difference. Managers may also hold regular interviews with their employees to check if those employees feel comfortable and valued at the office, and check if their personal growth goals are being met.

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