Taking A Look At The Problem Of Employee Retention And How We Can Fix It


As all human resources executive search agencies are likely to be able to tell you, the working world of the United States has changed dramatically in recent years. Job retention has become widely problematic, and not something that can be easily brushed aside as not concerning. In fact, more human resources executive search agencies have had problems with job retention than not, and the number of workers and employees who have left their jobs in recent years is up by as much as twenty five percent, with more than two and a half million such employees leaving their jobs by the time that the June of 2015 had drawn to a close. In the few years that have passed us by since, this problem has only become more and more pronounced all throughout the United States.

Much of this problem can be traced back to the fact that Millennials are entering the working world. Ranging in age from mid to late thirties to early twenties, the Millennial world is a much different one than the world of the generations that have come before. Unfortunately, all too many people who are part of the Millennial generation are struggling for stability, especially when it comes to surviving on their current income at at their current place of employment.

One way that members of the Millennial generation work towards not only surviving but thriving is through always keeping an eye out for the next best job to come their way. In fact, because up to sixty percent (six Millennials out of every ten) of this generation is willing to move from one job to the next at just about any given time, Millennials have often been referred to as the job hopping generation. But they job hop out of necessity, something that is becoming more and more clear to everyone from human resources executive search agencies to hr executive search consultants and outplacement consulting firms.

Of course, human resources executive search agencies and outplacement consulting companies also know that there are even more reasons that job retention has become such a point of concern for businesses and companies all throughout the United States. For one, the motivation to do well just often isn’t there – and this isn’t even something that the workers themselves can accurately be blamed for. On the contrary, data shows that only around twenty percent of all employed people feel that their superiors and higher ups actually encourage them to be as productive as possible and to do their best possible world. Without this encouragement and support, many employees feel not only confused about what is expected of them, but lackluster about their role in the company as well, two things that are far from ideal when it comes to looking at employee retention, no matter what field of work you might be looking at.

Fortunately, human resources executive search agencies know that there are a number of ways in which overall retention can be drastically improved. For one, employee recognition programs have proven to be incredibly successful in increasing overall employee satisfaction at their place of work. In fact, more than eighty five percent of those companies that have implemented employee recognition initiatives have seen a considerable improvement in the overall employee engagement of the given place of work.

Improving diversity has also been found to be immensely successful, with companies that are considered to be gender diverse outperforming similar companies that are not gender diverse by as much as fifteen percent. When companies are ethnically diverse, the rates of performance increase even more, and such ethnically diverse companies can outperform other, not ethnically diverse companies by an astounding thirty five percent, an impressive amount, to say the least. After all, diversity is hugely critical in this, our modern world, and it is essential not only for individual success but for business success as well.

As many human resources executive search agencies know, job retention has become a concerning thing. Fortunately, there are many ways that the problem of job retention can be solved.

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