How Google Drive Can Improve Your Work Productivity


Google apps backup services

There was a time when Google seemed a little bit, you know, distracting at work. Checking your email 50 times a day and getting chats from your friends can really slow down what might otherwise be a productive work week. But these days, Google drive is actually one of the best tools you’re probably not using to get more done. Here are a number of clever ways to be more productive with Google, instead of trying to fight against it.

  • Collaborate
    Use Google’s spreadsheets, docs, and slides features to collaborate in real time with your co-workers, even if you’re not physically in the same room. You can manage who is allowed to see or edit work in progress Just be sure to have a Google auto backup system in place, too, so that your work won’t be lost in case of an Internet outage.
  • Search Documents Better
    Did a client send you a massive PDF in response to a simple question? With Google’s Optical Character Recognition feature, you can now word-search PDF documents, just as you can in a regular text site. This saves you time trying to find that one thing you remember being in there… somewhere.
  • Work Offline
    You can use Google apps even while you’re not connected to the Internet; they’ll sync automatically the next time your connect. That’s great for getting work done while on the go or in an area with a slow connection. Again, just be sure to use some sort of Google apps backup services to save your work.

Google is truly becoming the behemoth of the working world. Its revenue now stands at $74.54 billion around the world (and growing every day). Luckily, however, they offer some of their productivity tools to us commoners. Get more out of G Suite tools, but make sure that you have a separate Google sites recovery plan for backup. After all, the more productive you can be, the more important it is to save your work. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your files are lost. Your Google sites recovery and Google apps backup might be more valuable than you think!

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