Custom Plastic Rotational Molding for Your Product Needs


Roto molding

Do you need custom plastic rotational molding for your product needs? Or, are you interested in knowing more about what types of products can be made with custom plastic rotational molding?

Here are just a few products that can be made with plastic as opposed to metal:

    Custom plastic containers
    Custom recycling bins
    Custom roto molded parts
    Plastic lockers
    Plastic pallets
    Recycling carts

    Molding Machines

    Since you’re interested in knowing more about the molding machines and process, there are two common types of machines:

      Independent arm
      Fixed-arm turret

    There are usually three-to-four arms on the fixed-arm turret machines. These arms index simultaneously to provide precise motion.

    The Molding Process

    Heating is provided during this process by one of three methods:


    Radiation is not used as often as a heating source.

    The temperature used to heat the polymers during this process will vary. This is because the amount of heat needed will depend on the type of polymer used. In general, the ovens are preheated to temperatures ranging from 500-to-700 Fahrenheit.

    The actual speed of rotation is slow, and it’s important to note that this is not a centrifugal process. There are generally less than 20 rotations per minute. Timing is essential during this portion of the rotational molding process.

    Materials Used

    Recent reports indicate that 80%-to-90% of the material used in plastic molding industry is polyethylene. There are three types of polyethylene used within this process:

      High-density polyethylene
      Low-density polyethylene
      Linear low-density polyethylene

    The type of polyethylene used will depend, of course, on what type of product is being fabricated.

    The Benefits of Rotational Molding

    While there are several benefits to using rotational molding for your product needs, they include the following:

      More economic tooling costs
      Seamless pieces
      Stress-free parts

    An interesting side note is that the association of Rotational Molders was formed in Chicago during 1976. This is a worldwide trade association that represents companies in 58 different countries.

    You may be interested in using custom plastic rotational molding if you are currently in the design phase of a new product and require custom molding and manufacturing. You may also be interested in having special parts fabricated for your existing product lines.

    Since you prefer and/or are exploring having your products made out of plastic rather than metal, you may also be considering other plastic product development as well.

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