The Four Biggest Benefits of Contracting IT Managed Service Providers


Information technology organizational structure

As we plunge deeper into the Internet Age, reshaping and managing our businesses to deal with an evermore technologically connected world is crucial to our success. Consumers want to be able to connect to a well-designed webpage, find the information they need, and then quickly make a purchase. Companies specializing in business-to-business relations need high quality, reliable communications solutions to improve client outreach and rapport. For whatever our businesses need, managed IT service providers are there to fill those needs.

According to TechTarget, managed IT services is a title encapsulating many different services, applications, and technologies granted by third-parties to their clients. Web hosting, voice over internet protocols, tech support, and more are all covered under the umbrella of managed services. While the terminology is broad in definition, it all boils down to one thing: structural technology support for businesses of all types. As ZDNet writes, IT outsourcing companies, including IT managed services providers, are expected to be worth $288 billion by the end of 2013. What exactly is behind this huge industry growth?

  1. Constantly Adapting Technologies
  2. If there is any constant in the world of technology, it’s change. The best computer today can be vastly outdated in a couple of months. As reports, this constant need to buy and update technology leads to incredible in-house IT costs. With IT managed service providers, those costs go out the window. These companies constantly upgrade their hardware and software, making sure you don’t have to worry about those huge expenses.

  3. Reduced Labor Costs
  4. According to Forbes, the average starting salary for an IT professional is $60,000. That number is expected only to increase in the coming years. When you use IT managed service providers, you shed employee salary costs, eschewing more traditional personnel costs for low monthly or yearly service charges.

  5. Scalable IT Solutions
  6. The biggest reason for IT managed service providers’ increased success, perhaps, is that their IT solutions can be adapted, both in scope and price, to fit the needs of all businesses, regardless of their size or target market. If you only have a few computers and other networked devices around the office, then you can use a “per device” plan offered by IT managed service providers at remarkably low costs. If yours is an enterprise-sized operation, then unlimited plans are also available.

  7. Greatly Reduced Communication Costs
  8. When you use IT managed service providers as VOIP service providers, you can greatly reduce your business communication costs. As Forbes writes, traditional land-lines have seen a 55% decrease in usage over the last 10 years. The main reason, as PC World suggests, is the cheaper service offered by VOIP providers. Many IT managed service providers offer unlimited VOIP service for as little as $50 a month!

Whether you run a small business or a wide-reaching corporation, IT managed service providers can give you access to the technology you need to run a successful company. They can reduce your costs, improve services offered, and greatly improve your business overall.

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