Steve Vai Ibanez Guitars


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Great musicians like the legendary Steve Vai are known for choosing to play great guitars. The Ibanez guitars are his choice. Today, you will find the Steve Vai Ibanez guitars are some of the greatest signature electric guitars on the market. The Ibanez guitars originated in Japan and came into the spotlight in 1957 with the release of the Ibanez JEM. The JEM guitar design was a joint effort of the Ibanez Guitar Company and Steve Vai. This is why they are called the Steve Vai Ibanez guitars and why they have become his signature guitars.

Since the first Steve Vai Ibanez guitars were so popular another four sub models of the Ibanez JEM were made. These are the JEM90HAM, JEM2KDNA, JEM20TH and JEM10. The models of the Steve Vai Ibanez guitars that were hand signed by the guitarist himself are the Ibanez JEM 10. These are the ones with the aluminum pickguard. They are engraved with the JEM 10 serial number and were made in the United States. They only made about 825 of these Steve Vai Ibanez guitars so if you are a collector you will want to look for these Steve Vai Ibanez guitars.

The JEM90HAM Steve Vai Ibanez guitars were made almost to be the same as the JEM10, but the only made 831 of these guitars. They say that only 72 of these guitars are in the U.S. today. The Steve Vai Ibanez guitars that are the MEN2KDNA models are said to have Steve Vai’s blood mixed in with the paint they used for them. Which is shy DNA is included in the model number. The JEM20th is another anniversary model of the Steve Vai Ibanez guitars. This model is unique in that it is made of clear plastic with multi colored streaks. It also has green LED lights in the body. Ibanez guitar models also include the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555 and the Universe 7, which is a seven string guitar.

Guitarists will want to consider getting one of the Steve Vai Ibanez guitars. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced guitar player or one that is just starting to learn how to play the guitar. Steve vai ibanez guitars are even sought after by collectors. The best way to buy a good guitar is to start by doing some research. Steve Ibanez Vai guitars are said to be the best.

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