Taking the World With You


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Q. What doo a bank, a shopping mall, a dictionary, a music library, an encyclopedia, a photo album, an atlas, and a movie theater all have in common?

A. You can fit them all in your pocket.

Mobile technology has made our world smaller. Quite literally. Things that used to occupy shelves of space, or rooms of shelves, or an entire block of buildings of rooms of shelves, now fit easily in the palm of your hand, and all from one single device. These days we are easily, instantly, and constantly connected to our world. But while this may seem like an easy method for businesses to reach more customers, the rules have changed right along with the technology.

Half of all Americans own a smartphone, and mobile commerce (mCommerce, to the cool kids) is projected to bring in almost $$120 billion by 2015. But that scale of commerce does not guarantee profits for all. The modern mobile shopper has become quite discerning in their quest for “on the go” bargains, and mobile optimized websites are a dire necessity for any business wanting to catch their attention. Almost half of mobile users say that if a site looks bad on their mobile device, they assume the company does not care about getting their business, and they take it elsewhere. And nearly three quarters of mobile users say they will happily return to sites that are clearly optimized for their devices.

So what is a top website design company to do? Well, said top website design company had better jump on the aforementioned mobile website optimization bandwagon, or they might be under it as it rolls on. We can take our world with us wherever we go, but our standards are the same. We mobile users demand an optimized experience for our devices, and a top website design company who can deliver that is more than welcome into our pockets. Helpful research also found here.

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