Data Centers Continue to be the Backup That Run the Nation


Every time that you swipe a card to make a payment or a deposit inquiry you are relying on a complicated network of hardware, software, and data center storage solutions. From buying a prom dress online for your daughter who is a senior in high school to the automatic payments that are made for your three year old’s preschool education, we are a financially digital society. Trusting that these swipes will be confidential and accurate is essential, both for the consumer and the business.

Fire Sprinkler Contractors Play Important Roles in the Creation of Data Centers

Fire sprinkler system layout examples offer a number of ways that a data center can be constructed. And while automatic fire sprinklers have been in use in the U.S. since 1874, they continue to advance. Rightly so, as the role of data centers continue to play essential roles in our world it only makes sense that various types of fire suppression systems are installed before any data center can be put into operations. In a data center setting, as well as many other offices full of technology, sprinklers reduce the amount of water used to fight a fire by up as much as 90%. This is important when the financial records of the nation are at risk.

Banks, hospitals, school districts, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes rely on digital transactions to be successful. It is essential that there is never an outage, never a moment when customers cannot access their accounts or their purchase history. Data centers are what keep things running. Whether the weather causes flooding or tornadic destruction, it is imperative that financial data is not lost and is always accessible. For this to happen data centers have to carefully plan the placement of every storage rack and configure the exact immersion cooling solutions. With elevated floors with circulating air underneath, the largest and most powerful servers.

Fire sprinkler contractors submit their plans long before the actual construction of a data center begins, and when the latest fire suppression software is coordinated data center site managers have far easier ways to make sure that the data center solutions they offer are successful.

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