From Cybersecurity To Flexible Packaging The Most In-Demand Jobs In The Pharmaceutical Industry


It’s a good time to consider a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

New medical advances are made every day. New drugs are constantly ushered into the fold and needing the expertise of scientists and doctors. You can even find a successful niche in cybersecurity or energy management. In a short, there’s a world of potential to be found when you venture into the world of pharmaceuticals. Narrowing down your options with the aid of a public sector executive search firm can help you figure out which area would best benefit from your unique perspective and skillset.

From blow molding jobs to flexible packaging recruiters, medicine is ever in need of more people.

Today’s Drug Packaging Industry

It’s not hard to see why the public sector executive search firm helps put things in perspective. The world drug packaging industry rakes in over $65 billion every year. Flexible packaging is the second largest packaging segment in the United States and garners nearly 20% of the American packaging market. That’s over $145 billion and counting. Businesses that respect these numbers do the work. They reach out to people with both the passion and skill to maintain the increasingly high standards of modern medicine.

The Growth Of Pharmaceutical Jobs

There are plenty of pharmaceutical jobs to choose from today. The public sector executive search firm is just one way of filtering through the pile to find a winner. As of 2014 there were an estimated 290,000 pharmacists working throughout the United States, on top of 365,000 pharmacy technicians. By the time 2013 arrived companies reported over 6% of their external hires were sourced by search firms. That’s almost double of what was seen the previous year and the highest within a decade.

Benefits Of Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity is a great place to start if you’re tech-savvy and wondering where your skills could be put. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are always on the lookout for more safety measures to protect their investment. A recent study found businesses without alarm systems are over four times more likely to be burglarized than commercial locations with security systems in place. It’s not just physical intruders, but data breaches. With more and more devices being linked to the Internet it’s easier than ever for third-parties to hack into unprotected locations.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Perhaps packaging is more your style. The art of manufacturing, packaging and shipping isn’t to be underestimated. Not with how much money could be potentially saved while still prioritizing quality. The flexible packaging industry today employs over 80,000 people in fields ranging from eco-friendly consultation to construction. The average production worker makes $12.00 per hour and even the growth of robots in the manufacturing sector isn’t going to shrink down your options overmuch. When in doubt?

Choosing The Right Field For You

Let a public sector executive search firm do the rest. The biggest sign of growth in executive search (both retained and contingent) is the increase in agency workers. The recession low of 26,000 is finally being reversed from late 2009, with the most recently available data compilation from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics seeing 41,000 people employed. Your new job could be helping others find more accurate matches, creating a steady flow of employees that keep businesses running smoothly and customers happy.

Whether it’s food processing equipment or flexible packaging that catches your eye, trust you’re already on the right track.

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