Finding the Right Digital Marketing Team Can Help You Find the Customers You Need


Getting noticed in today’s digital world can be a challenge, especially if a business does not have an updated website that seeks to create a constant connection with current and potential clients. With the use of the latest search engine optimization, social media posts, and website updates, a company of any size can get the exposure that they need to be successful. With the use of marketing analytics services, however, companies of all sizes can GET NOTICED.

Digital marketing companies provide their customers with a variety of services that can help them create a following that will not online encourage online purchases, but also in store ones as well. With the constant creation of organic content, for example, a marketing agency can help clients increase the amount of traffic that a website receives.

From the smallest clothing boutiques to the largest hardware stores, consider some of the various products that can be more successfully be marketed in the digital world:

  • Gemstones are the key to some of the most popular jewelry. Weekly, and sometimes daily, posts about the newest colors and styles of gemstones that you are selling can help you make sure that all of your customers know what the latest offerings are.
  • Eating out is expensive and as more and more families are looking for ways to make sure that they eating more healthy, there is an increased market for packaged ready to cook meals. Internet ordering makes these meals easy to customize to any family who wants to have them delivered on a weekly basis.
  • The most popular brands of socks and men’s ties market to consumers who are always looking for the latest styles. With daily posts, and occasional contests, merchants can entice their most frequent customers to buy even more. With the use of the latest marketing analytics services, these companies can make even more profitable connections.

  • New styles of furniture that show up on a social media feed of someone who has been looking online for these items can prompt a purchase, sometimes faster than an actual visit to a brick and mortar show room.
  • Online purchases continue to grow in popularity as many internet companies offer free one and two day shipping options. Location intelligence software, however, can help connect brick and mortar stores to customers who are in the area.
  • Televisions, laptops, and the latest cell phones are often marketed online to customers who have been searching for similar items. In an effort to meet these needs, however, research company Gartner suggests there will be 4.4 million big data jobs available in the next two years. Unfortunately, Gartner also suggests that only 30% of them will be successfully filled.
  • Ice skating rinks that can be set up in your own backyard sell better if there are videos showing how easy they are to not only set up, but to take down as well. Digital marketing agencies help their clients integrate informational videos onto their websites and into their social media posts.
  • Camisoles, formal dresses, and many other kinds of clothing are easily sold on the internet if there are a wide variety of photos online that show each product from a number of angles.
  • Early notifications about upcoming sales and new releases encourage many regular customers to follow their favorite brands on many different social media platforms, and often prompt people to purchase even more of the items that they like the most.
  • Dogs and cats are important members of many families, so it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of websites that market to this significant percentage of the consumer market.

With a combination of geospatial data analysis services and marketing analytics services, companies of all sizes can get the help they need to make sure that they are noticed when a customer is looking for a related product or service. The geospatial industry, including marketing analytics services, generated $73 billion in revenue in 2011 and helped generate $1.6 trillion in revenue for the rest of the US economy. Were you a part of this profitable marketing strategy?

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