Effective Marketing Strategies From Trade Show Printing to In-House Signage


Spreading the word about your business has never been easier, or cheaper. With digital marketing, it is possible to reach more targeted customers at a lower cost.

But, how do digital ads stack up against a physical custom business sign, whether outside the brick-and-mortar business or at an industry trade show? Would the dollars spent on a sign for your business be better invested in digital ads?

Physical, permanent signage continues to drive results for brick-and-mortar businesses, in a way that digital ads can’t match. People who live near a business with a custom business sign may end up seeing it several times a day for months or years. If they are also in the target demographic, that far exceeds the results you can get by running digital ads.

Vendor signage doesn’t have to be limited to print, however. Digital signs allow you to change the message whenever you like, try multiple messages, or include beautiful and eye-catching animations. A digital signage consultant can provide guidance on how to implement this, and how it could help your business. Digital signage consulting is different for each business, and provides specific advice on how to make this form of advertising work for your business.

Whether you sell products, services, or both, marketing is integral to increasing brand awareness and developing a solid consumer base. While many companies continue to have brick-and-mortar locations, others may primarily operate online. Given the prevalence of e-commerce, many businesses choose to expand their brand’s awareness by attending trade shows and other marketing and networking events. For those that continue to have physical locations, effective signage and printed brochures are excellent marketing tools.

The Benefits of Trade Shows

One of the reasons why trade shows are beneficial is that exhibitors can meet a variety of individuals face-to-face. This includes meeting suppliers, re-sellers, and other important individuals. Another positive is that 81% of the attendees at trade shows usually have buying authority. This means that quite a few of the individuals that explore the various exhibits are potential customers. Some may also be existing customers that are looking forward to making face-to-face connections.

Given the multiple opportunities to network at trade shows, the results of a recent survey aren’t surprising. Nearly half, or 47% of the participating exhibitors, stated that they valued this opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. Furthermore, 51% of the exhibitors indicated that they valued being able to meet and interact with existing and potential customers.

Trade shows are also an effective venue for marketing. The aforementioned survey found that 99% of marketers reported that trade show exhibits provided unique opportunities. It’s interesting to note that these professionals stated they didn’t experience the same end results as they did with other methods.

When businesses create their marketing budgets, some will allocate a specific amount for events and exhibits. The average company, for instance, will allocate 31.6% for this purpose. Every year, over $24 billion is spent by U.S. exhibitors for their trade show displays. This includes booths and signage such as vinyl banners.

The Benefits of Effective Business Signage

When a business upgrades or adds a new sign, it can make a difference in its local visibility. Recent data shows that 50% of a business’ customers are drawn into a business due to its sign. Since a large percentage of a business’ existing or potential clients live and/or work within a five-mile radius, signage can make a significant impact. In fact, local residents may drive or walk by a sign between 50 to 60 times a month.

On-site signage can be even more effective than running newspaper ads. To draw a comparison, it’s the equivalent of running 24 full-page newspaper ads over the course of a year. An on-site sign will cost a business $0.02 for every one-thousand views. A 300-line newspaper ad, on the other hand, will cost a business $2.81for every one-thousand views. Furthermore, newspaper ads may only reach 53% of a business’ targeted market.

While many individuals may continue to conduct research on products and services online, they often just skim this material for up to 15 seconds or so. Studies show, however, that people tend to become more engaged with reading printed, rather than digital, articles and ads. Even though on-site signage can be more effective and economical than running newspaper ads, this does underline some individual preference for direct mail and other printed advertising.

Take Care of Your Trade Show Printing Needs

Since there are different types of printing that you need for your business, it makes sense to have these all taken care of at the same shop. Whether you need trade show printing such as posters and banners or require other printing services such as custom business cards and brochures, these and other types of printing are available. In addition to your trade show printing needs, you may also require services such as legal document scanning.

When you contact your local printing company to learn more about their trade show printing services, you’ll be able to learn more about their other services. Since you may want to upgrade your brick-and-mortar signage, your printing company will be able create posters, vinyl banners, and more. One of the many benefits of working with a quality printing company is that they can provide you with marketing materials to enhance your business’ presence, increase your brand’s awareness, and expand your customer base.

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