Three Things to Look For in Great Hotel Management Software


Frontdesk software

If you’re considering different types of hotel front desk software, you’re likely thinking about what services the different management systems offer. You want to be able to offer great customer service and hospitality, while also streamlining your own needs. With that in mind, here are a few essentials you should be looking for in your hotel front desk software:

  1. Look for easy managing of guest details. You want to be able to edit everything, add notes, allow guests to make payments and request any extras. You’ll also want hotel front desk software that integrates with whatever channel manager you have so that any new or changed booking instantly and automatically updates across all the booking sites you use.
  2. Look for technology that lest you automatically communicate with guests. One of the interesting trends in hospitality that are different from other industries is the need to communicate with guests mainly by email. Because you can often count on time zone differences that are quite large, email is usually the best way to stay in touch. Look for hotel front desk software that will automatically email your guests with all your pertinent information as well as send them reminders. It’ll also help if you can collate interesting information that your guests might enjoy, such as the expected weather during their stay or links to information about local attractions they might enjoy.
  3. Look for a system that makes the check in and check out processes as simple and easy as possible. This is especially true if you’re managing a smaller property and have to be doing a dozen different things at any moment. You might not be able to be at the front desk at all hours of the day and night. The right software will streamline the process so you can check up on things from your phone or computer wherever you are, get a big picture view of expected check ins and check outs of the whole day, or the week, and keep abreast of expected check-in times (which your hospitality management software asked guests about automatically at the time of booking).

People love to travel, and when they have a good experience, they come back. Make sure your guests have a great experience and make sure your stress levels are managed at the same time. Find the right hotel front desk software and you’ll find managing your property to be a seamless experience.

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