Consider Outsourcing Your SEO for These Four Reasons


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Are you trying to decide how to handle search engine optimization at your company? If your company is just starting out or if you do not yet have your own team to handle search engine optimization, it may be easier to outsource this work to a local SEO company. In many cases, local search engine optimization can save your company time and money while providing the results you need. This is not an aspect of digital marketing that you want to skip at your company. Get started by outsourcing SEO to a company who can handle it properly and effectively for your business.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of this aspect of digital marketing? Keep reading for more information on search engine optimization strategies and why your company needs to invest in this.

4 Reasons to Outsource SEO to a Local Company

Each year when you evaluate your company?s budget, you may wonder what the best things are to invest in so that your company can continue to grow and flourish. This year, you should consider setting up a digital marketing team to increase your company?s visibility with strategies like social media marketing and SEO. However, if you don?t have the means to hire a team in-house, consider outsourcing this work to a local search engine optimization company. Here are four reasons to make this a priority.

1. Lead generation

When it comes to lead generation at companies, many believe that search engine optimization is the answer. If your company has been open for a while and sales are starting to drop off on your products or services, you need a new strategy. If you are a new company hoping to hit the ground running with sales, search engine optimization is the answer. More than 30% of those involved in marketing claim that search engine optimization is an extremely effective tactic. You can?t simply put your products and services out there and hope people come. You have to continually draw them in and generate new leads for new customers and to retain old customers.

2. Millions of content shared daily

With so many other companies using the same strategies, your company is bound to fall behind without search engine optimization. This is a full-time job rather than a side project which shows why you should invest in a local search engine optimization company. Then, they can dedicate the time to starting this up for your company. Since there are more than 27 million pieces of content that are shared daily on the web, your company has to get into the game to have a chance of getting your content out there. It can?t be shared without an effective strategy created by a team of search engine optimization professionals who implement a strategy that is bound to show results.

3. Paid ads aren?t the answer

You may be considering using paid advertisements instead of investing in a local search engine optimization company. It?s just another form of an investment. While this could work if you had extra money to spend, this shouldn?t be done in place of working on SEO for your business. Up to 80% of those scrolling on search engines avoid the paid advertisements. They opt to look for the organic results instead. On top of this, they won?t look for at organic results past the first page. In fact around 75% of people click on one of the organic results that is generated on the first page in a search engine.

4. More than just SEO

A local search engine optimization company can help you do more than focus on the basics of SEO. They take it a step further by helping create a personalized plan for your company. That way, your content, products, and services get the unique treatment they need in order to draw in more and more consumers. Otherwise, the SEO strategy just blends in with every other company?s basic SEO strategy and content creation plan.

Have you researched any companies to outsource your SEO to yet? Let us know in the comments how SEO has helped your company grow and flourish.

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