Three Basic Tips for Quick Turn PCB Assembly


Pcb fabrication process

Quick turn PCB assembly can help you lower your costs and reach your customers more quickly and effectively. A quick turnaround is very important to your product development as a whole, speeding up the processes of testing and feedback along the way.

Machine assembly for any size order had made quick turn PCB assembly possible in ways it never used to be. A single automatic line can produce more consistent, better quality boards than can be produced by hand. Machine assembly can cut the time it took for hand placement to only a fraction of what it once was. Many circuit board assembly services boast a standard turn-time of fewer than five days, making it 75% faster than the average turn-time for the industry.

Here are three basic tips for you when considering you quick turn PCB assembly needs.

1.) Be in touch early.

Make sure you get in touch with your prototype manufacturer at the design stage. You want to make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to layout and manufacturing feasibility. Your goal here is to avoid rework whenever you can. You might also be able to find more cost effective materials for the project this way.

2.) Put a priority on your features.

The smaller circuit boards get, the more difficult it can be to include all of the features you want to include in your product. If you give your engineers the kind of clear guidelines they need to put everything together, you will reduce the number times you will have to go back and forth, figuring out what can stay and what has to go. When you prioritize your features for a quick turn PCB assembly, you will also, when possible, be able to figure out alternative ways to get what you need.

3.) Select a quality, experienced PCB assembly partner.

When you select a partner for your quick turn PCB assembly, make sure you are choosing one that has the experience to give you the product you want and need. Being fast is important but not at the expense of quality. Problems that are caused by printing technique account for almost 70% of all surface assembly quality issues, alone.

You want a full-service partner that can handle your job from start to finish but make sure the company has all of the components in place to deliver what you need.

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