Tips For Maintaining Your Potable Water Tank


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As a company or small business, it is important that you are using the cleanest water possible for your customers. Installing a potable water tank is a great way to make this happen, keeping the water drinkable and the local area healthy. Once you install this water treatment tank, it is important to keep up with maintaining it. Any major damage could jeopardize the integrity of the hardware and the cleanliness of the drinking water. Follow these tips to keep your tank as clean as possible.

  • Watch for buildup. Gunk or debris buildup can cause backups in your tank,
    contaminating both underground and above ground water tanks. Check your system regularly, or have a professional check it, to make sure that the inside remains clean.
  • Schedule professional cleaning. The best way to keep your tank as clean as possible is to hire a professional to clean it. The frequency of this cleaning may vary with the size and location of your tank, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.
  • Inspect for cracks. Even the smallest cracks can turn into major problems, causing leaks. Prevention is key to keep your system working as it should, so be sure to inspect for cracks before one appears. If your potable water tank is underground, you might have to hire a professional to perform an inspection.
  • Address leaks quickly. If you do suspect that the system is leaking, be sure to take action as soon as possible. This will prevent further water damage to the surrounding area. Acting quickly will also pinpoint the problem, advising whether you will need to repair or replace the tank.
  • Respond to environmental changes. Major environmental events such as flooding and earthquakes could have a negative impact on your tank. Following severe weather, be sure to perform a full inspection of your tank’s function and address any issues as soon as possible.
    Also be aware what common natural events in your region could damage the tank.

Taking care of your holding tank is key in the health and safety of your customers and the surrounding area. Whether dealing with small or large water tanks, be diligent in your repair and inspection.

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