3 Reasons Every Hotel Should Use Hotel Softwares


Hotel technology

Do you own or work at a hotel or bed and breakfast? Maybe you are just a customer who stays at hotels regularly or enjoys vacationing at bed and breakfasts every once in awhile. Either way, you probably appreciate working with hotels software for hotel management solutions. Whether it is hotel reservations software or hospitality management software systems, all of these services make everything easier and more accommodating for all employees, managers and customers alike.

So, how much does it really matter whether or not a hotel or bed and breakfast is easy to search for, easy to book through and enjoyable to stay at?

Statistics show that all of these things significantly impact whether or not a customer will choose to stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast and whether or not a customer will return again or refer the option a friend or family member. Keep reading to learn three important tidbits about hotels software and why it is crucial to keeping a hotel afloat and to helping a hotel prosper.

1. Make sure your hotel website is mobile and desktop friendly

In this day and age, your hotel?s website needs to be available to customers for online use and mobile use. This means, users want to be able to look at your hotel website on everything from their cell phones, to their tables, to their laptops, to their desktop computers. Over time, searches for traveling and hotels have increased by 50 percent on mobile devices.

Some users will even look at your website from multiple devices before making a final decision. For instance, statistics show that nearly 46 percent of people booking a hotel will first check out their options on mobile. They will browse through their preferences, and select a final hotel they want to book a room at. What is interesting to note, though, is the user will likely go to a different device like a laptop to finalize the purchase.

2. Make sure your hotel?s website is easy-to-use and accommodating

You only have a few moments to grab your customer?s attention. You do not want your website?s lack of information or complicated design to drive away customers. Instead, you want your website to be inviting, informative and easy-to-use so your customers can find the information they need and easily book their rooms. Because travelers usually conduct an average of 17 searches to find the perfect hotel room, they will definitely remember your website if it was the easiest to use and find the information they needed.

This is one way that you can earn a return customer, too. If they remember how simple it was to use your website and how easy it was find the information they needed, they will return for the ease and comfort. Statistics show that around 74 percent of travelers will return to a destination they already visited. If that is true, then it is likely they will also return to the same lodging they used if it was a pleasant experience.

3. Build loyalty with your customers

After you have convinced them to book a room based on your hotels software that is inviting and informative, you need to convince them to stay, return and refer your hotel after their experience. If you build loyalty with a customer, there is a strong likelihood you can increase profit annually based on how that customer will spread the word and return. In fact, there is a 25 to 100 percent profit increase per customer that is satisfied.

Whether you own a hotel, work at hotel or are booking a room at a hotel, hotel management systems like reservations software and management software can take a normal hotel to the best hotel. Have you ever dealt with hotels software? Let us know in the comments what your experience was with different software systems at hotels.

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