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With the growth of technology has come a much more fast paced lifestyle. Now that the internet has become such a tremendous entity, virtually anything can be found by clicking a button. Job searches, home searches, shopping, all can be done in a fraction of the time it took to do these things 50 years ago, or even less. These are only the tip of the iceberg! 100 billion global searches take place every month.

Integrated marketing is responsible for giving people the ability to investigate services and products to depths that were never possible before. In addition, and as a result of online integrated marketing services quick response time, people are jumping from one product to another in record time. With so much information being offered at once, there is often no need to look any further than the first page of results consumers find. Statistics show that 75% of customers never get past that first page, but are satisfied with with the first few results that they see.

Most online searches, 93%, begin with search engines. From any search engine, consumers are able to go anywhere. One word is often all that is needed to bring up a plethora of topics that will lead to whatever product or service they are seeking out. Integrated marketing takes over after the topic is found through the search engine, and the customer will be inundated with displays, exhibits, and websites for all products and services. However, if a website is taking more than three seconds to load, 40% of people will move on to the next. Because people have become so accustomed to finding public relations, advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing all in one place, many find it difficult to have patience to look for each one individually. 46% of people have said that the design of a company’s website is their gauge for deciding how credible the company is, and they will judge that company according to it. Because 52% of paid search clicks are done on mobile devices, 62% of companies that created specific mobile websites have seen their sales increase.

The goal of integrated marketing is to combine all aspects of mass marketing, direct marketing, and one-to-one marketing together to strengthen its impact on the public. By integrating each of these into one marketing campaign, they reinforce each other. This type of strategy, if connected properly and folded into every area of the company, will deliver to the customer a great experience. The whole process involves re-inventing the wheel, so to speak. By re-engineering marketing strategies to fit into the many different types of technology available to consumers today, a company’s advertising will show up everywhere across the board. The idea is to go where the customers are. These days being present on one channel does not cut it anymore. Companies have to find out where the consumer is and make sure that their exhibits and displays are there first. If a company is looking for victory in their business, they first need victory in their marketing!

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