Is Your Company Struggling to Fill Key Management Positions?


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Some things in life never change.
Some people will always get all of the best offers. In marriage. In life. In work.
The war for talent in the corporate world, in fact, can reach a frenzied pace when a company is searching for the best people to fill the most difficult jobs. A restructuring consultant can help companies make the most of the search process and help companies retain the best workers once they are hired.
In today’s talent acquisition management services environment, companies in addition to looking for the most qualified workers also want to consider a diverse pool of candidates and work toward an inclusive business setting that fosters loyalty, as well as productivity. Today’s war for talent has must focus on not only finding the best applicants, it must also include a company wide focus on managing Millenials, leadership training, and development.
With the competitive nature for of today;s business talent, many small companies and large corporations look to an outside restructuring consultant services to provide the best tools for the biggest employment challenges. For example, these restructuring consultant firms can provide onboarding advice for newly placed individuals. Among this advice is executive coaching and human resources support in various areas including: retention of talent, development of leadership, planning for succession, and coaching executives.
Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention Both Require Careful Research
It may come as no surprise that 57% of organizations view retention of employees as a problem. In fact, 22% of new starts leave their jobs within the first month and a half of being hired. Their most common reasons for leaving include poor performance and temperament issues. And while a very small fraction of these new hires may not be able to perform their new job, he majority could be more successful with training, employee integration, and other onboarding techniques.
Since so many companies recognize the need to consult with outside sources for talent acquisition, it should make sense that these same companies should consider working with recruiting consultant firms for talent retention. How can it possibly be wise to spend money, time, and energy on finding the best candidates for executive positions, for instance, and not have an intensive plan for getting that talent successfully started?
The top candidates will also be in demand. This fact does not go away if your company hires one of the top candidates. In addition to finding the right person, employers must also focus on keeping that talent through well planned training as well as aggressive benefits and compensation plans.
According to a survey by Jobvite, as many as 53% of currently employed workers are open to new job prospects even when they are not actively looking. If your company wants to avoid losing the more than half of employees who indicate that they are open to new job possibilities, you might consider working with a restructuring consultant service.

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