Is Your Business Struggling To Catch On? Try Using Local SEO Services


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What are the benefits of digital marketing compared to conventional methods like print and mail? Aside from being more environmentally sound and reducing rampant paper waste, local SEO and digital marketing have the significant benefit of being able to reach a wide audience in very little time. It’s specifically geared toward the interests of customers-to-be by utilizing common keywords, encouraging a more organic and personal approach in the search for products and services. The effectiveness of local SEO is particularly beneficial for nearby businesses looking to reel in more of their customer base, as well. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons you should consider adding local SEO to your marketing budget.

Why Are Search Engines Important?

Search engines have quickly moved to the forefront of the digital age, providing steady and easy access to information both nearby and worldwide for people everywhere. It’s thought that 93% of all online experiences will begin with a search engine and nearly 30 million pieces of online content are shared every single day. Google alone owns nearly 70% of the search engine market share, though other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, provide alternate competition for some.

Why Do People Prefer The Internet?

Search and e-mail are still the most popular activities for most people using the Internet. Thanks to advances in small and large business technology, everyday tasks are made more accessible and easier than they were before. People can buy products or search for services at their leisure, with features like SEO making their efforts more accurate and fruitful. According to Pew Research, well over half of frequent Internet users will search for their products or services online.

What Are Customer Preferences?

Did you know that three-quarters of search users won’t scroll past the first page of search results? With so much content shared each day, it’s imperative to find ways to stand out in the crowd. Nearly 80% of users will ignore paid advertisements, particularly those of the animated and pop-up variety, in favor of more organic approaches. One of the largest benefits of SEO is how it curries more favor with a modern audience and avoids common pitfalls that could see your business losing money daily.

How Does Digital Marketing Fare?

Digital marketing has quickly replaced traditional advertising methods for many small and large businesses around the country. Local search companies frequently work closely with businesses to better create compelling digital content and stand out in a very crowded and expanding digital market. Half of all marketers in a recent survey have cited content as being particularly effective using SEO, with 34% rating it as the lead generation tactic. Local mobile ad spending is expected to grow from $800 million to $18 billion in the next few years, so optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly should be just as important as incorporating SEO into your business strategy.

Why Should I Choose SEO Services?

It can be difficult reaching out to customers with so many conflicting advertisements and businesses fighting for the same attention. Search engine optimization is specifically crafted to help customers come to you, rather than the other way around, with helpful keywords and clever programming. These tie in especially well with mobile devices, like tablets and iPhones, and popular social media brands. Local SEO is a specific brand of SEO that is optimized to find customers close to your physical business, ensuring that your brand isn’t lost in the shuffle. Next time you consider ways of updating your marketing strategy, consider adding local search engine optimization and see the difference it makes in your business’ future.

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