Creating a Dominating Marketing Strategy Using the Internet and Print Advertising in Conjunction


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The business world is as cut-throat as ever, perhaps even more so now thanks to the internet. Businesses have seized the opportunity to expand into the digital age with social media sites, e-commerce, and other forms of digital marketing to both strengthen their brand power and increase their reach to other parts of the globe. Although one may be tempted to rely on the internet alone for marketing due to the success and influence the net has on our daily lives, there are some strong examples that show the most comprehensive marketing strategies encompass both old and new elements alike.

The Best of Both Worlds

There is no doubt that the internet is the single largest gathering place of individuals from across the globe. Taking one’s business to the internet means that they may forgo the geographical boundaries that their brick-and-mortar business was once confined to. While this works well for a number of companies, there are some small businesses that choose not to expand onto the global market, instead focusing exclusively on their local customer base. For this reason, using ideal digital marketing strategies combined with print communication is the typical choice for up to 76% of small businesses.

The Power of Global Search

Blogs and social media sites give businesses a unique opportunity to get more intimate than ever before with their customers. Not only will expanding through social media keep interested customers informed on deals, new products, and other special offers, by extension companies can begin to build a network of customers, businesses, and products by participating in a subtle discourse on consumerism — this is all done by simply logging in and making a post. While social media is a great way to keep in contact with customers, when it comes to generating leads there is no force more powerful than that of the local search engine. Investing in search engine optimization companies can help your company post creative content that is both engaging and subtle insofar as it can help direct traffic back to your company. By focusing on their local customer bases, companies that invest in digital marketing strategies have seen an increase in high quality lead generation.

The Lasting Effect of Digital Printing Technology

With so much technology in the mix, it is easy to overlook the power of digital printing technology when it comes to advertising. Believe it or not, studies show that a majority of consumers in both the United States and Canada alike prefer direct mail for brand communications, as it gives them the convenience of being able to read the information on their time; besides, everyone likes getting mail when there are no bills in it! Pens, calendars, and other traditional products produced by digital printing technology is as effective as ever: studies show that up to 84% of Americans will retain the name of the a company so long as they receive a promotional gift with the name and logo of the company on it. While broadcast advertising through the television, newspaper, and radio can be pricy and sometimes ineffective, it has been shown that outdoor advertising is significantly cheaper than all three and will be seen with an increased frequency by commuters. Along this same strain of thought, vehicle wraps are becoming the most popular form of print advertising as they combine the viewing power of a billboard with the mobility of a vehicle to create a unique and interesting advertisement. Around 46% of polled individuals believe that car wraps were the most unique advertising medium available, as businesses have a vast degree of liberty in designing a wrap that best speaks to their customers. By combining the outreach of digital marketing with the staying power and trusted effectiveness of digital printing technology, businesses are able to create a concise marketing plan that is sure to generate new consumers and keep old ones in the loop.

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