Three Reasons to Make the Switch to a Dedicated Server


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Equipping your business with reliable computing technologies is crucial to the success of your business. Take, for example, your website: without a high quality website you will lose access to the two billion people Internet World Stats estimates are surfing the web each and everyday, spending an approximate $1.25 trillion on eCommerce websites annually.

Data security is another huge issue every business has to consider. With over 280,000 reported cases of cybercrime reported in the United States each year, according to the FBI, costing Americans a whopping $110 billion, businesses need a safe, reliable hosting service. Making the switch to a dedicated server, offered by the best business cloud computing services, is the best way to protect your business and improve it.

What is a Dedicated Server?
A dedicated server, as defined by Tech Target, is a server hosted on an exclusive, or dedicated, system. Only the owner or renter of this server has access to the system, its data, and its internet connection. The dedicated servers offered by the best business cloud computing services are known to be more expensive than a shared server, but when balancing the cost versus the benefits of such services, a dedicated solution is generally seen as the more cost effective option.

Why Make the Switch to an Affordable Dedicated Server?

  1. Reliable Server Solutions Protect Your Bottom-line
  2. Since dedicated servers are less likely to crash than their shared counterparts, they represent a more reliable and lucrative approach to hosting your eCommerce website. Consider, even if your current server solution “boasts” an up-time of 98%, that’s still over 7 days each year, according to, where customers can’t reach your website or make a purchase. The best business cloud computing services offer dedicated servers with 99.9% up-times.

  3. Improved Data Security
  4. As, a website for IT professionals, writes, one of the biggest benefits of using a dedicated server solution is the increased security. When you use shared server hosting solutions, everyone else using that system could potentially gain access to your files. There could potentially be tens of different users on the same system, putting your data in harm’s way. Using dedicated servers, on the other hand, means you’ll be the only party with access.

  5. Dedicated Servers Equal Dedicated Techs
  6. When you outsource your server needs to the best business cloud computing companies offering dedicated servers, you not only gain a great tech solution, you also gain a dedicated tech support team. Response times are generally much quicker for technical issues and cloud hosting companies are much more interested in keeping your business when you rent a dedicated server.

As you can see, making the switch to a dedicated server can make a huge difference in the way your business operates. Not only do you gain a more reliable digital storefront and improved data security, you’re also assured the best services offered by the best business cloud computing services around.
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