The World Is Going Mobile, but What About Your Website?


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Did you know that almost 79% of people who do not like a mobile website they are visiting will go find another website to get the information they need? Good website design tips are not always translatable to mobile website design tips, so it is important to learn which features are going to make your mobile website truly accessible. More than half of users say that they would be less likely to work with a company after having a bad experience with their mobile website. Here are some tips to help you make good choices in your own mobile website design.

  • Find custom website designers with experience creating mobile websites.
  • Approximately 94% of users look for local information with the help of their smartphones. Finding a designer who knows how to create a mobile website is essential to your mobile website being just what those users expect and need. An expert knows how to check compatibility on multiple devices, make sure users are automatically routed, as well as all of the technical details on the back end of a website that make it easy to use.

  • Review mobile website designing tips.
  • The most popular mobile website design tips all point towards two key things. The first, is that a mobile website should be visually appealing, and the second is that it should be very easy to use and quick to load. Look for tips on how to incorporate your branding with a limited color palette and pared down graphics. You want just the essentials, which means knowing exactly what your customers might be looking for and what they will want to find. Approximately 78% of smartphone users want to be able to find what they need in just one or two actions, according to comScore and HubSpot. When it comes to mobile website design, your goal is to give the user what they want.

A professional website designer might also be able to help you with internet marketing. Consider that when people interact with brands on Facebook and like them, they usually do so to get a coupon or some discount, or are already a customer. Social media management is at once an entirely different beast, and also integral to the success of your website. If you want a mobile website that attracts users and keeps their attention, then follow these tips. Continue.

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