Is Your Social Media Looking a Little Anti-Social?


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Did you know that social media marketing firms can do more for you than just help you get on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus? Marketingeasy has determined that average and large sized companies have about 178 social media marketing assets. Do you know what they would be for your company? There is no shame in not knowing, sometimes it is easiest to leave certain tasks to the professionals. In the case of social media marketing, that is a particularly wise plan. Here are three ways that marketing firms can help.

  1. Advertising through social media.

  2. A social media firm can help you walk that fine line
    between social media sharing, and advertising. About 53% of marketers were able to generate sales leads on Facebook in 2013, but they did not do it by just posting advertisements. Generating social media leads requires engaging users, enticing them with offers, but not spamming them with attempts to sell them something that they do not want.

  3. Search engine optimization with the help of social media.
  4. Search engines do not take into account social media activity directly, but social media can generate activity directly on your website. With a little help from social media marketing firms, you can create more buzz than ever before around your products and services. With enough link sharing, you will realize more traffic, and better SEO results.

  5. Social media for businesses is different than social media for users.
  6. The number of people using Pinterest has grown 145% in the past year alone, according to Mashable. Most people share things on Pinterest that they like, and want to save for later. As a business, you will probably be sharing things that you want other users to share. You would use this branch of social media less like a social bookmarking service, and more like an advertisement platform. However, like social media in general, any advertisement needs to be done in a way that does not spam your followers and other users.

About 62% of marketers, according to the State of Inbound Marketing in 2012, believe that social media has an important role as a technique for advertising. Coupled with the fact that there were about 400 million Google users in 2012, and likely many more now, it is essential to tap into the online social media and search engine market. If you want to do this successfully, consider leaving it to the professional social media marketing firms.

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