Front Point Security and Others Offer Advnace Wireless Home Security Solutions


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Are you searching for a new security solution, such as those that Front Point Security offer? The best home security systems vary depending on requirements, but many owners find the best ones are wireless, do it yourself, and even offer advanced video and audio security detail. A wireless home security system, such as that which Front Point Security and others offer, are also the most resilient against power outages, natural damage, and sabotage.

Home security like the type Front Point offers has evolved since the earliest days. The first home security system was patented in 1969 to Maria Van Britten Brown and Albert Brown, and consisted of a door with four peep holes and a camera. Since then, closed circuit television cameras, or CCTV cameras, have not really been in home security systems, like those Front Point Security offers. Rather, CCTV has confined itself to banks, casinos, jewelry stores and governments.

That is beginning to change as many companies, including Front point Security, offer cheaper video security solutions. Today, most CCTV cameras work on a concentric ring model, anchored by a 16 channel DVR. These wireless security systems, like those Front Point Security offers, use wireless video and audio transmission feeds so the CCTV cameras can communicate with the DVR. Not only are the images time stamped, but also detect motion, and take on augmented reality characteristics as well.

Most of all, Front Point Security and other companies offer monitoring services to you as part of the package. While they do not actively monitor your premise, they can identify when something is going wrong, or when a security expert needs to offer an opinion.

Front Point Security and other companies are offering wireless home security systems that are a generation ahead of traditional home alarms. Not only are these alarms easy to maintain and resilient to sabotage, but they also are easy enough to assemble yourself. The pride in owning a security system Front Point Security or others use is what makes people come back to use these systems more. For more about this, go here.

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