Using a DITY Move Calculator


Tmo move calculator

If you are a military member or military family that has just received a new assignment, a DITY move calculator can provide you with quite a bit of information on a potential financial coup. To explain, a do it yourself, or DITY move calculator, is designed to let you know how much the military will reimburse you for your move if you elect to handle all aspects of the process yourself. There are obvious benefits to the full-service traditional military move, but it should be noted that if the reimbursement check that you receive from a DITY affair is more than the amount you paid for the relevant services, you get to keep the extra for anything else you want. On the flip side, if your DITY move costs more than the reimbursement check, it falls on you to make up the difference.

If the prospect of the potential for a reimbursement check overage has intrigued you so far, go ahead and find a DITY move calculator online that has been updated to reflect the current year. The DITY move calculator will then ask for the rank of the enlisted member, as well as the total miles that you are being asked to move from one place to another. These are the major factors that your DITY move calculator will use to calculate the amount of your reimbursement check. Once you have chosen a DITY move calculator and gotten your estimate accordingly, start pricing out the various rental products and services necessary to get yourself and your family from point A to point B.

If the amount of your chosen services and products is significantly less than the amount of your reimbursement check, as per the DITY move calculator of your choice, let the proper officers know of your intent to take the move on yourself as soon as possible. Make sure that the paperwork is submitted on time, and keep organized as you reserve the products and services necessary! See this reference for more.

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