A Solid Patch Management Process Plan for Businesses


When it comes to the typical patch management process at home, most people take a somewhat lackadaisical view of updating their systems as soon as they see that little notification icon on their screen. However, while this can potentially wreak havoc on your home network by leaving security holes unpatched, this type of lackadaisical patch management process can be a hundred times worse when applied to a business network. With the sensitive data, potential loss of productivity, possible expense of replacing infected computers, et cetera, it is absolutely imperative for businesses in particular to employ an effective patch management process across their whole network, including every workstation.

The best way to do this is to fully automate the patch management process across all workstations on a given network. Many software programs designed to automate the patch management process are available today, and they are frequently used by customers in all sorts of different industries. Automating the patch management process eliminates the possibility for human folly to potentially expose an entire network to the problems of an unpatched security hole or un updated system, resulting in a better work environment overall, and far more peace of mind for any network administrators on the job.

Always make sure that any program you choose to automate your company patch management process is fully compatible with the operating systems that you intend to install the product on. You may need more than one such automated program if there is more than one operating system or version thereof on a given network. Do your research, and make sure that any program you choose to automate the patch management process is one that has an excellent reputation for reliability and efficacy with a variety of reputable online sources. Good luck, and happy patching!

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