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What to Look for in a Search Marketing Company

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Doing well on search engine searches is incredibly important for driving web traffic to a site. When people go online, at least 93% of the time they start their internet experience with a search engine. More often than not, that search engine is Google. aIt has been shown to own somewhere between 70 to 80% of the search engine market share. Most people ignore the ads that come up in a search. Between 70 and 80% head straight for the organic results they get and nearly 75% never look past page one of their search results. Finding the right search marketing company can have enormous consequences for your bottom line.

  1. Think about what exactly you need. There are a lot of services that can fall under the heading of search engine optimization and search engine ma

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Is Your Business Struggling To Catch On? Try Using Local SEO Services

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What are the benefits of digital marketing compared to conventional methods like print and mail? Aside from being more environmentally sound and reducing rampant paper waste, local SEO and digital marketing have the significant benefit of being able to reach a wide audience in very little time. It’s specifically geared toward the interests of customers-to-be by utilizing common keywords, encouraging a more organic and personal approach in the search for products and services. The effectiveness of local SEO is particularly beneficial for nearby businesses looking to reel in more of their customer base, as well. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons you should consider adding local SEO to your marketing budget.

Why Are Search Engines Important?

Search engines have quickly moved to the f

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