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Taking A Look At The Problem Of Employee Retention And How We Can Fix It

As all human resources executive search agencies are likely to be able to tell you, the working world of the United States has changed dramatically in recent years. Job retention has become widely problematic, and not something that can be easily brushed aside as not concerning. In fact, more human resources executive search agencies have had problems with job retention than not, and the number of workers and employees who have left their jobs in recent years is up by as much as twenty five percent, with more than two and a half million such employees leaving their jobs by the time that the June of 2015 had drawn to a close. In the few years that have passed us by since, this problem has only become more and more pronounced all throughout the United States.

Much of this problem can be traced back to the fact that Millennials are entering the working world. Ranging in age from mid to late thirties to early twenties, the Millennial world is a much different one than the world of the

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Millennials Are The Job Hopping Generation Why Your Company Needs To Adapt For The Future

How do you hire the right employee?

Do you dig around in a diverse pool of applicants to make sure you’re touching on all bases or do you go with what, and who, you know? Do you change your application process to ask more specific questions or do you go for a one-size-fits-all approach and move on from there? Is it worth reaching out to executive search firms or applying classic knowledge? These questions can seem like a veritable whirlwind of missed potential, leaving you swimming against savage waters that only get murkier by the day. When your business needs some qualified staff padding out its ranks and only has so much time to do so, a career placement agency may be the lifeline you’ve been looking for.

Executive search firms have their work cut out for them these days. Here’s why.

Employee turnov

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