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What Geospatial Data Analysis Services Can Do

Today’s world is a wired one, and the Internet connects many people and devices for communication, whether for business, leisure, or private conversations ranging from PCs to tablets and laptops to smart phones and more. Many of these devices communicate by means of orbiting satellites, and since most such items are mobile, marketing companies and other professionals are interested to track the movement of these items and the people holding them, and this information, often known as geospatial mapping, spatial analysis, or demographic reporting, can be very useful. Geospatial data analysis services is a recent but robust industry today, and the location intelligence gathered from geospatial data analysis services can be used in all sorts of ways, from commerce to marketing to safety and even search and rescue. When geospatial data analysis services takes off, the Internet of Things bec

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The Importance of Demographics in Location Intelligence Reporting

Spatial data analysis

Demographics play an extremely important role in successful marketing efforts. If you are involved in the marketing of your own business or marketing is your primary job, you have probably done a lot of specific demographic targeting. Without understanding demographic marketing, you are unable to effectively reach the best target market for your product or service. Demographics should include the following factors when included in your overall marketing strategy.

Age demographics

Sure, you have probably been taught that it is illegal to make hiring or service decisions simply based on age. However, when you target specific age ranges for business purposes, this is not classified as ageism. It is simply a better way to understand your current customers and the age of customers that y

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