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Industrial CT Scanning Here’s What’s What

Ct part calibration scan

From chairs to parts for medical equipment, testing out parts is essential in order to ensure that these items run efficiently and safely. But for many items, conducting a thorough test typically means slicing it in half in order to see its internal workings and structures. Unfortunately, this would damage or comprise the integrity of many object. That’s where industrial computer topography (CT) scanning comes in.

What is industrial scanning?
Industrial scanning is a process that allows objects in a range of sizes to be scanned 2-dimensionally at a number of angles, resulting in a 3-dimensional rendering that allows individuals to in

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Taking Your Business to the Right Direction — Working With Cloud Consultants

Small business communications systems

If you are a business owner, you would be no stranger to the reality that businesses need to continually update and enhance their workflow and IT infrastructure to reflect the latest best practices and technological advancements. Getting left behind can often be a discouraging prospect, especially in niches that are fiercely competitive. While for most businesses, getting their IT systems fine-tuned and streamlined is a top priority, there is one factor that can prove to be decisive when it comes to having versatile, robust and productive IT systems — a move to the cloud.

For many years, cloud technologies and their development have been on the rise. While cloud storage and basic cloud services have been in vogue for many years, the use of advanced cloud technologies for business

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The Signal is Strong with This One — Three Network Cable Mistakes that the Techie in Training can Avoid

Cat5e cables

There’s a lot of terminology and voltage involved in network installation. First time techies may be understandably intimidated. Whether you’re installing a new home office, updating the entertainment center, or extending your sound system to the back yard, installing a network ethernet cable can be an inexpensive and easy home upgrade. Just avoid these three common cable mistakes to install your network right the first time

  1. Don’t start with the Wrong Cable

Your friend, the Ethernet expert, probably has a storage bin full of old cables and cell phone accessories that might come in handy one of these days. Let’s be clear, home network installation day is probably not that day.

It’s true-there are some HDMI DVI cables that are built to last a long time–for instance high qu

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Have You Changed Your Passwords Lately? Why Americans Make Easy Targets for Hackers

Computer hardware services

Small businesses may be more vulnerable than ever: recent studies indicate that 90% of business owners have been the target of computer virus software, identity theft, or malware as the result of hacking attempts. In some cases, employee negligence can also help hackers gain a foothold in internal networks; network security systems are often compromised from within. Statistically, more than half of all employees who are fired from their jobs either take confidential information with them or retain passwords to sensitive material.

Routinely changing network passwords is the first step toward protecting client files and financial data, but not all passwords are created equally. Laptop repair services that deal with computer viruses have noted that while a simple password — one containing s

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