So you have been tasked with keeping 400 computers up-to-date and safe from compromise. Congratulations. You have one of the most thankless jobs in the organization.  But seriously, how are you going to do this? Have you heard of patch management policy? Do you have one? Do you have a patch management strategy in place? If so, how do you audit it for compliance? There are many issues here. And you came to the right place. Read on. Learn about our PC patching management best practices.

The world that we live in depends on IT solutions to function. From network support for banking offices to network security for any online purchase, both merchants and consumers rely on a whole host of IT solutions. In fact, managed IT services as an industry plays a significant role in the world’s and the nation’s economy. Every time that you swipe a card you are relying on the technology to make sure that your secure payment makes its way to the intended merchant so that you can get the items that you have purchased.
In addition to protecting merchants IT services providers enable companies to store their data in a secure place and access it whenever needed. Round the clock back ups and storage that will allow you to access any information that you need even when the your work system is down. Keeping clien

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With today’s technology and focus on the environment, there’s no reason businesses shouldn’t be headed in the paperless direction. With the right equipment and training, your business can have a seamless scanning, storing, and organizing process for an online document system. Fortunately, making the switch to paperless is easier than ever.

Get the right technology. The first step to going paperless is getting the right technology to help you do so. From tabletop scanners and half-page image scanners to RFID technology, there are a lot of devices and services to look into. The Peerless Research Group found that in 2016, 38% of companies were planning to invest in RFID technology within the next year, but not all companies have the same needs. So it’s important to decide which technology or devices you’ll need — do you need a computer document

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Whether you sell products, services, or both, marketing is integral to increasing brand awareness and developing a solid consumer base. While many companies continue to have brick-and-mortar locations, others may primarily operate online. Given the prevalence of e-commerce, many businesses choose to expand their brand’s awareness by attending trade shows and other marketing and networking events. For those that continue to have physical locations, effective signage and printed brochures are excellent marketing tools.

The Benefits of Trade Shows

One of the reasons why trade shows are beneficial is that exhibitors can meet a variety of individuals face-to-face. This includes meeting suppliers, re-sellers, and other important individuals. Another positive is that 81% of the attendees at trade shows usually have buying authority. This means that quite a few of the individuals that explore the various exhibits are potential customers. Some may also be existing customers that

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