So you have been tasked with keeping 400 computers up-to-date and safe from compromise. Congratulations. You have one of the most thankless jobs in the organization.  But seriously, how are you going to do this? Have you heard of patch management policy? Do you have one? Do you have a patch management strategy in place? If so, how do you audit it for compliance? There are many issues here. And you came to the right place. Read on. Learn about our PC patching management best practices.

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If you are looking IT Services examples so that you know what to look for when you’re shopping around for an IT expert, you have come to the right place. We are here to offer you all the answers you need when you are shopping around for the perfect person for your technical job.

Look for Someone Who is Certified

You want to look for someone who is proven to be certified. Failing to hire a certified computer repair technician can back fire for you. Look thoroughly and ensure that the person has all the right credentials to be supporting your IT services.

You can find someone who also has a degree in IT. Many people have gone to computer support school, but others have gone thr

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There are people out there who will tell you that search engine optimization (SEO) is dead. These people are wrong. At least 93% of all internet experiences are started with a search engine search. Moreover, the average person never looks past the first page of the search results. If you want your digital media marketing plan to be successful, you need to make sure your website comes up on top in these searches.

  1. Get the right keywords. When you are working out your SEO plan, you need to pick the right keywords for your business. Google is, by far, the most dominant search engine in use today, They change up their logarithms and methods for indexing sites all of the time. In recent years, this has meant that keywords are no longer the “king of the hill” in terms of SEO but they remain a

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Content marketing is an essential part of online success. Unlike traditional marketing, online trends change extremely often and require you to be more alert and aware of changes happening in the industry.
However, it’s not an easy task to simply start doing. In order to have a successful content marketing campaign, you need to have a strong strategy planned out. To ensure you succeed online, here are a few tips to help you get started.
Create a Blog
After all, you can’t very well complete a content marketing strategy without having content to market. If you want to draw organic content to your site, you need to be focused on creating quality content that consumers actually want to read. Rather than blatantly promotional content, focus on issues that customers may have and ho

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