So you have been tasked with keeping 400 computers up-to-date and safe from compromise. Congratulations. You have one of the most thankless jobs in the organization.  But seriously, how are you going to do this? Have you heard of patch management policy? Do you have one? Do you have a patch management strategy in place? If so, how do you audit it for compliance? There are many issues here. And you came to the right place. Read on. Learn about our PC patching management best practices.

Atlanta ad agency

In this increasingly connected world, there are many benefits of having just about any type of resource or information at your fingertips. By now, just about every business is searchable online, and the stronger the online presence, the more successful those businesses often are. However some companies, especially the smaller ones, can often struggle to reach optimum visibility among the sea of websites and services offered online for potential clients and customers. Having a quality marketing agency assist in the advertising and promotional aspects of a company is a step in the right direction.

What can a good marketing agency do for you?

There are many different types of Read more ...

500 ft ethernet cable

Are you an IT professional, home theater installer, audiophile, or general home electronic guru? If so, you are probably know the importance of using proper cables and wiring for your setup. Whether you are looking for lightning fast internet for the businesses you support, or just want the highest quality video connection cables for your home theater, the products are out there and this holiday season is the best time to invest. Below are three of the best cables on the market today with a brief description of just how they would benefit you:

1. Cat5e Cables - Yes, at their simplest category 5 cables might just be ethernet cables, but they can provide so much more, especially the cat5e network cables. In fact, Read more ...

Executive recruiting services

Finding the right people to hire is a problem for companies around the world. Hiring the wrong person for a job can be very costly for a business and have a very negative impact on a business’s bottom line. For this reason, many companies go with recruiting services companies to help them with their hiring needs. Nearly 6% of all external hires were found by recruiting firms in 2013. That was a big jump from 2012, when only 3% of the new hires were made this way. It was also the highest number in more than ten years. From supply chain recruiting firms to public sector recruiters, there are experts who can help companies find whatever kind of staff member they are looking to hire.

  1. A recruiting company can help identify good candidates. Recruiters have a reservoir of good, qualifie

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